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It's that time of year again and kids everywhere are getting ready to go back to school. One of the highlights of getting ready for the first day of school is backpack shopping. Backpacks are essential items for most kids who use them to carry books, homework and lunch bags back and forth from school. Choosing the right backpack can often be a time consuming process as kids go from store to store looking for just the right backpack to express their personal style. Typically younger children choose backpacks based on a favorite character or activity.

Get out the clothes you will wear the next day, also pack your exercise clothes in your gym bag ready to go with you or lay them out if you exercise at home. For children have them decide what they will wear and have them lay the clothes out, including the shoes to be worn so they don't have to be in a rush in the mornings. This saves a grundle of time the next morning since you won't have to go on a search for the right thing to wear and if something needs washing or pressing you know it before you or your children are in the morning rush. Pack their school backpacks and place it by the door so it is ready for them to take in the morning and no searching has to be done at the last frantic minute.

Hello Kitty - What little girl does not go gaga over anything Hello Kitty? There are adults out there that collect everything they find that has Hello Kitty on it because the brand has been around for thirty years. You can find Hello Kitty backpacks nearly everywhere and there are accessories like lunchboxes that are just as inexpensive.

Teens seem to feel that they will get in school backpacks with wheels trouble if they feel they are in a situation the parents won't approve of. They need to be told that even if the parents get a phone call from them in the middle of the night; their lost sleep is preferred over their kids getting into a car with someone who has been drinking or out of another situation equally as toxic.

Another fun thing for kids is to invest in a bunch of those little disposable cameras. Each kid can carry one and take his or her own photos. It is interesting to see what they come up with (kids are quite creative), and you will add some flair and diversity to your vacation album.

Jansport - These backpacks are well-known for their quality and durability. With a nice variety of styles and colors, you can find these backpacks at several online and retail locations.

Some children are so disorganized that the use of colored tabs can really help. I remember using my own lazy girl tabs. I used random wrappers as page markers for many things, such as, quotes I wanted to use for book reports. The problem was I had no idea if it was the granola wrapper or lunch bag scrap that was meant for a certain quote. That's where stick-it tabs that you can write on come in handy. Tabs can be used for quick references. You place the back of the tab where it's sticky on book pages. They can easily mark where certain homework answers are, mark passages to refer back to, separate homework section due dates, etc. Also, a stick-it (as well as bookmarker) is a great way to quickly find where you left off reading or doing homework.